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  3. Breaking the Mould

    AudioBear’s first project is a 27-minute documentary named “Breaking the Mould” and has been commissioned for BBC Radio Lincolnshire, set to be broadcast in January 2013.

    It’s all about exploring Lincolnshire’s waste and recycling industry. We’ve been amongst every kind of waste you can think of - mainly sewage and bins.

    Here’s a longer (and rougher) edit.

    Breaking the Mould - Waste Documentary

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  4. AudioBear

    After understanding more about radio, I want to do more off my own back and aim that little bit higher.

    My small University project group and I have set up AudioBear, a place where we can put our work and a more professional online environment.

    So check it out - http://audiobear.co.uk

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  5. More from the BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire stage at SO Festival 2012


    Harry David:

    Up Down Go Machine:

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  6. BBC Introducing stage at the SO Festival 2012

    I was really excited to be asked to organise a team to film the BBC Introducing stage at SO Festival 2012 in Tower Gardens, Skegness.

    After a lot of preparation, we filmed it and here’s the highlights:

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  7. Linc Session

    This week’s BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire videos.

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  8. Up Down Go Machine

    New video filmed for BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire. Part of Up Down Go Machine’s live session.

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  9. BBC Lincolnshire Introducing

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve started making the session videos for BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire (with Emily Mullender & Chris Moore). It’s so enjoyable and exiting to to see all of the talented musicians performing live!

    Check them out at youtube.com/bbcintrolincs. I’ve also posted one below.

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  10. Siren FM - New Wave

    As of today (21/02/12), I become the new Assistant BA/Editor/Researcher for the weekly show ‘New Wave’ on Siren 107.3 FM in Lincoln. I’ll be contributing to one-in-three of the live shows, broadcast 4-5pm on Tuesdays.

    I’m really excited to be joining New Wave and excited to get starting today!

    See More:

    Siren FM Website

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